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In the world of today a great number of businesses and indeed jobseekers utilise recruitment agencies provide a cost effective and time saving solution to the process of recruitment. The agencies serve to match up the qualities of the potential employees with the requirements of the employers. Some agencies have an area of specialisation such as secretarial services or drivers.

As a rule the agencies do not charge the jobseekers, their profits come from fees charged to employers in return for finding the right people to fill their vacancies.

Historically these agencies were found in the high street but these days they make life simpler by having a heavy internet presence.

There are multiple reasons for using the services of a recruitment agency:
·When the company is too small to have their own personnel department
·When the business does not want to make their advertising known to the public
·To save on advertising outlay
·When specific skills are required
·When they have had issues historically when advertising vacancies

Why should you register with a recruitment agency?

There are may benefits to registering with a recruitment agency:

·You will save time checking on classified ads
·You can select an agency that specialises in your specific sector
·The agency does all the hard work. They have the contacts and the network, increasing your chances of finding work
·Recruitment agencies can match your skills and experience to the appropriate employers so that you don’t waste time applying for unsuitable posts
·If you want to temp before committing to something permanent, agencies can help with that.
·Some employers that you may want to work for only deal with recruitment agencies and so your chances of success via direct communication are slim
·The agency can give help and guidance with your CV and interview preparation.
·Similarly they can give you valuable feedback about how you conducted your interviews

You will save money on postage and phone calls by using a recruitment agency’s services

In summary agencies present a win/win scenario by being of benefit to both employers and jobseekers.

Generally agencies do not charge jobseekers for their services, but they may charge for extras such help and guidance with your CV. It’s always a good plan to request a copy of their charges so that you don’t get any nasty surprises.

If you are registered with multiple agencies, be sure to record their individual results, if any of them are not performing well you can drop them and try others.

Contact Address: Recruitment Agency Hull, 113 Endike Lane, Beverley Road, Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom HU6 7UJ

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